2022 Indigenous
Skin Spectrum Summit

Saturday, June 11, 2022
10am–2pm ET

meeting agenda

Closing the Gap: Indigenous Dermatology in Australia

Dr. Dana Slape

10:05am EDT / 8:05am CST / 7:05am PDT

A Review of Indigenous Dermatology in Canada

Dr. Rachel N. Asiniwasis

10:25am EDT / 8:25am CST / 7:25am PDT

Historical Context of Indigenous Health in Canada

Dr. A. Blair Stonechild

10:40am EDT / 8:40am CST / 7:40am PDT

Dermatology Basics for Richly Pigmented Skin Types

Dr. Renée A. Beach

10:45am EDT / 8:45am CST / 7:45am PDT

Dermatologic Disease in North American Indigenous Peoples: A Systematic Scoping Review

Dr. Rachel N. Asiniwasis

11:00am EDT / 9:00am CST / 8:00am PDT

NIHB Coverage for Skin Conditions

Andrea Brewer, Indigenous Pharmacist

11:15am EDT / 9:15am CST / 8:15am PDT

Dermatologic Cases and Challenges in Remote Indigenous Communities

Dr. Rachel N. Asiniwasis

11:45am EDT / 9:45am CST / 8:45am PDT

On-Reserve Nursing

Kristin Blind, Indigenous RN

12:00pm EDT / 10:00am CST / 9:00am PDT

Atopic Diseases and Barriers to Care in the Northwest Territories: Clinical Experience from an Allergist-Immunologist

Dr. Kun Tian

12:15pm EDT / 10:15am CST / 9:15am PDT

US Experience in Teledermatology, Alaskan Indigenous Communities

Dr. Anna Chacon

12:30pm EDT / 10:30am CST / 9:30am PDT

Wound Healing for Indigenous Patients

Dr. R. Gary Sibbald

1:00pm EDT / 11:00am CST / 10:00am PDT

Diabetic Skin Complications in North American Indigenous Peoples: A Scoping Review

Jordanna Roesler

1:15pm EDT / 11:15am CST / 10:15am PDT

Photodermatoses in North American Indigenous Peoples: A Scoping Review

Dr. Rachel N. Asiniwasis

1:25pm EDT / 11:25am CST / 10:25am PDT


conference faculty

Dr. Rachel N. Asiniwasis

Rachel Asiniwasis bio


learning objectives

  • Be able to identify skin disorders in richly pigmented skin and recognize prevalent dermatologic disease in Indigenous populations

  • Improve diagnosis of dermatologic conditions in First Nations, Inuit, and Métis patients

  • Understand how historical and systemic factors contribute to health gaps for Indigenous people

  • Understand how NIHB program coverage works for treating skin conditions

  • Adopt experience-based approached to more effectively manage Indigenous patients and the unique treatment challenges they may face



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