LSC most common chronic eczematous rash in patients with darker skin

Chronic eczematous rashes are seen in patients with skin type Fitzpatrick III to VI, according to Vancouver-based dermatologist Dr. Eileen Murray who presented at the Skin Spectrum Summit in Vancouver on June 4, 2016.

Dr. Murray said a chronic eczematous rash is an inflammatory reaction mediated by the immune system. Signs include erythema, edema, heat, and itch, but not pain.

“It can be difficult to recognize erythema in dark skin,” said Dr. Murray. “But, the patient always knows when their skin is red—so you can just ask.”

The most common chronic eczematous rash in Fitzpatrick III to VI skin is lichen simplex chronicus (LSC), highlighted by Dr. Murray.

Dr. Murray said when treating LSC it is very important to consider the patient's stress levels. “Unless you address the stress factor, no matter how strong the steroid you apply, LSC will not resolve.”

  • Fitzpatrick III: white, burns minimally, tans gradually

  • Fitzpatrick IV: light brown, burns minimally, tans well

  • Fitzpatrick V: brown, rarely burns, tans profusely

  • Fitzpatrick VI: dark brown or brown, never burns, tans profusely