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Skin Spectrum Summit

Saturday, October 21, 2023
7:30am–5:30pm ET


SSS 2023 Advance Briefing.jpg
SSS 2023 Draft Agenda.jpg


Welcome & Learning Objectives

10:00am EDT / 9:00am CDT / 7:00am PDT

Canadian Indigenous Skin Conditions: Highest Priorities for Researchers, Policy and Decision Makers, and Stakeholders

10:15am EDT / 9:15am CDT / 7:15am PDT

From Toronto to Southern Saskatchewan: A Dermatologist's Experience on Moving to a Critically Underserviced, Ruralized Area

Dr. Brittany Waller

10:35am EDT / 9:35am CDT / 7:35am PDT

Virtual Care and Indigenous Skin Health: Practical Pearls

Dr. Anna Chacon

11:05am EDT / 10:05am CDT / 8:05am PDT

Arctic Dermatology: The Greenland Experience

11:15am EDT / 10:15am CDT / 8:15am PDT

The Eczema School

11:35am EDT / 10:35am CDT / 8:35am PDT

First Live Discussion

11:45am EDT / 10:45am CDT / 8:45am PDT

Household Mold and Atopic Dermatitis: What is known?

12:00am EDT / 11:00am CDT / 9:00am PDT

Working towards closing gaps in atopic dermatitis with Cree Indigenous communities in Quebec: Initiatives from McGill and needs in northern Quebec

Dr. Carolyn Jack

12:10pm EDT / 11:10am CDT / 9:10am PDT

Arthritis Liason: A First Nations Community-Based Patient Care Facilitator conducted out of Siksika

Dr. Cheryl Barnabe

12:25pm EDT / 11:25am CDT / 9:25am PDT

Second Live Discussion

12:40pm EDT / 11:40am CDT / 9:40am PDT

Opportunity to Join Project ECHO Skin & Wound

Dr. Gary Sibbald

1:00pm EDT / 12:00am CDT / 10:00am PDT

The Role of Indigenous Nurses: Bringing Health Services to our Community

Kris Blind

1:05pm EDT / 12:05pm CDT / 10:05am PDT

Nurses Specialized in Wounds, Ostomy & Continence and Indigenous Core Programming

Bev Smith and Michelle Buffalo

1:15pm EDT / 12:15pm CDT / 10:15am PDT

Introduction to Dermatopathology in Skin of Color

Dr. Archana Kakadekar

1:35pm EDT / 12:35pm CDT / 10:35am PDT

Third Live Discussion

1:35pm EDT / 12:35pm CDT / 10:35am PDT

Introucing the The Next Generation: Medical Student and Resident Presentations

2:00pm EDT / 1:00pm CDT / 11:00am PDT

Black and Indigenous Underrepresentation in Atopic Dermatitis Clinical Trials: a 10-year Cross-sectional Analysis

Edgar Akuffo-Addo

2:05pm EDT / 1:05pm CDT / 11:05am PDT

Broadband Internet Access in First Nation Reserve Communities and Maldistribution of Canadian Dermatologists: An Ecologic Study

Eric McMullen

2:15pm EDT / 1:15pm CDT / 11:15am PDT

Social Determinants of Health in Atopic Dermatitis: Addressing Challenges in Health Literacy.

Vincent Wan

2:20pm EDT / 1:20pm CDT / 11:20am PDT

Fourth Live Discussion

Faculty Panel

2:30pm EDT / 1:30pm CDT / 11:30am PDT

A Final Call to Action 

Dr. Rachel Asiniwasis

2:45pm EDT / 1:45pm CDT / 11:45am PDT

Meeting Recordings
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