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2022 Indigenous
Skin Spectrum Summit

Saturday, June 11, 2022
10am–2pm ET

meeting materials

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ISSS 2022 Agenda.png

meeting recordings

Welcome & Learning Objectives

10:00am EDT / 9:00am CDT / 7:00am PDT

Closing the Gap: Indigenous Dermatology in Australia

10:10am EDT / 9:10am CDT / 7:10am PDT

Building a Priority Population Focused Dermatology Workforce

Dr. Rachel Pugh

10:35am EDT / 9:35am CDT / 7:35am PDT

A Review of Indigenous Dermatology in Canada

Dr. Rachel N. Asiniwasis & Trisha Campbell

10:45am EDT / 9:45am CDT / 7:45am PDT

Historical Context of Indigenous Health in Canada

11:05am EDT / 10:05am CDT / 8:05am PDT

Treatment of Skin Conditions by Indigenous People Prior to Colonization

11:15am EDT / 10:15am CDT / 8:15am PDT

Dermatology Basics for Richly Pigmented Skin Types

11:30am EDT / 10:30am CDT / 8:30am PDT

Dermatologic Disease in North American Indigenous Peoples: A Systematic Scoping Review

11:40am EDT / 10:40am CDT / 8:40am PDT

NIHB Coverage for Skin Conditions

Andrea Brewer, Indigenous Pharmacist

12:00pm EDT / 11:00am CDT / 9:00am PDT

Live Discussion Part 1

Faculty Panel

12:15pm EDT / 11:15am CDT / 9:15am PDT

Dermatologic Cases and Challenges in Remote Indigenous Communities

12:30pm EDT / 11:30am CDT / 9:30am PDT

The Role of Nurse Practitioners: Experience in a Remote Northern Indigenous Community

Rachel Johnson, RN(NP), BScN, MN

12:50pm EDT / 11:50am CDT / 9:50am PDT

Atopic Diseases and Barriers to Care in the Northwest Territories: Clinical Experience from an Allergist-Immunologist

Dr. Kun Tian

1:05pm EDT / 12:05pm CDT / 10:05am PDT

US Experience in Teledermatology, Alaskan Indigenous Communities

Dr. Anna Chacon

1:20pm EDT / 12:20pm CDT / 10:20am PDT

Live Discussion Part 2

Faculty Panel

1:35pm EDT / 12:35pm CDT / 10:35am PDT

Wound Healing for Indigenous Patients

1:50pm EDT / 12:50pm CDT / 10:50am PDT

Diabetic Skin Complications in North American Indigenous Peoples: A Scoping Review

2:05pm EDT / 1:05pm CDT / 11:05am PDT

Photodermatoses in North American Indigenous Peoples: A Scoping Review

Dr. Gregory Kost

2:15pm EDT / 1:15pm CDT / 11:15am PDT

Live Discussion Part 3

Faculty Panel

2:25pm EDT / 1:25pm CDT / 11:25am PDT

Conclusion & Looking Ahead

Dr. Rachel N. Asiniwasis

2:35pm EDT / 1:35pm CDT / 11:35am PDT

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