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2024 Global Indigenous
Skin Spectrum Summit

Saturday, November 23, 2024
Center Mont-Royal 2200 Mansfield St.

Montréal Canada

The Indigenous Skin Spectrum Summit is dedicated to improving the cultural competence of Canadian healthcare providers and giving practical advice on providing dermatologic care to Indigenous patients.


First held in March 2021, the Indigenous Skin Spectrum Summit is a special session of the Skin Spectrum Summit addressing specific challenges in treating Canada’s Indigenous community.

The fourth Indigenous Skin Spectrum Summit is the first global summit and will be held in-person in Montréal, Canada. Join Drs. Rachel Asiniwasis, Gary Sibbald, Anna Chacon (USA), Carsten Mikkelsen (Denmark) and Dana Slape (Australia) at this ground-breaking in-person session on improving skin care for Indigenous, circumpolar, and rural communities.


As we recognize the history, heritage and diversity of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples in Canada, we must also acknowledge the persistent health gaps that these communities experience.


learning objectives

  • Be able to identify skin disorders in richly pigmented skin and recognize prevalent dermatologic disease in Indigenous populations

  • Improve diagnosis of dermatologic conditions in First Nations, Inuit, and Métis patients

  • Understand how historical and systemic factors contribute to health gaps for Indigenous people

  • Understand how NIHB program coverage works for treating skin conditions

  • Adopt experience-based approached to more effectively manage Indigenous patients and the unique treatment challenges they may face


current context

Indigenous communities in Canada are chronically underserved, with less and poorer access to medical expertise than other Canadians.

Quality of life in Canada, as measured by the United Nations Human Development Index, is "very high"—it ranked 12th globally in 2016. But the on-reserve Registered Indian population in Canada, by the same metrics, would place 78th globally. This severe inequality is unacceptable in a fair society.

The approximately 1 in 20 Canadians (4.9%) who identify as Indigenous have worse health outcomes than any other population group. It's past time to close the gap in access to healthcare and quality of life for Indigenous people in Canada.


iSSS faculty 

The Indigenous Skin Spectrum Summit is committed to providing space for Indigenous voices. We are proud to count prominent leaders on Indigenous issues in Canada and respected dermatologists among our faculty.



We are proud to partner with community and industry sponsors. Support of this event is an opportunity to show strong leadership in the Canadian community and prove your commitment to improving healthcare in Indigenous communities in Canada.


For information about how to become a sponsor of this event, please contact us.

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