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2022 summit on
atopic dermatitis

Saturday, April 23, 2022
10am–2pm ET

summit recordings

Introduction to Atopic Dermatitis
Dr. Neil Shear

Differential Diagnosis in AD
Dr. Michele Ramien

Diagnosis in Dark Skin Tones
Dr. Marissa Joseph

Food Allergies, Allergy Testing & AD
Dr. Zainab Abdurrahman

Panel Discussion 1
Drs. Abdurrahman & Ramien

Treating Pediatric Cases
Dr. Danielle Marcoux

Treating Adult (Chronic) AD
Dr. Jaggi Rao

Challenging Cases in AD
Dr. Rachel Asiniwasis

Panel Discussion 2
Drs. Asiniwasis, Rao & Marcoux

Clear Horizons: Atopic Dermatitis
Dr. Gurbir Dhadwal

JAK It Up! JAK Inhibitors for AD
Dr. Melinda Gooderham

Panel Discussion 3 & Conclusion
Drs. Dhadwal & Gooderham

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meeting materials


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advance reading

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faculty profiles

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event sponsors

the AD Summit is free to attend thanks to the support of our sponsors

this program was developed in collaboration with our supporters

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